Monday, March 26, 2012

Spider Stitch Exploration. Part 1

Spider stitch is quite popular among crocheters. It is often used for shawls, afghans, baby blankets, cardigans, and other yarn crochet projects. Also this stitch looks beautiful when done in thread, for example, in doilies or lacy trims. There are countless variations of the stitch, and it can be made in various sizes.

Does this crochet stitch sound fascinating to you? It does to me!

I am starting a series of posts dedicated to exploring spider stitch. My plan is to share symbol charts, show my crochet samplers, and perhaps suggest some projects to make using this stitch. I don’t know how many posts there will be and how often I will post them, but I am very much looking forward to it.

I truly hope this series will be useful to my readers. Since I started this blog last November, I have provided my readers with lots of inspirational material in terms of finished projects. But now I am trying to find ways to share some practical crochet information.

So here we go!

Let’s start with the name. To be honest, I only recently learned that this stitch is called Spider Stitch even though I’ve known how to crochet it for a decade or so. My mom taught me this stitch just as many other fundamental crochet stitches. It’s evident that the stitch is named so because of its resemblance to spiders. The name is not very flattering (who doesn’t despise spiders?), but it is a descriptive one.

I made a fairly easy sampler of four “spiders” and sketched the symbol chart. I chose my “spiders” to have eight “legs”. The symbol chart is for one line of “spiders”. But if you would like to crochet more (for instance, two lines as in my sampler), you will need to continue your work repeating from row 1. If you would like to have more spiders in one line, you will need to start with additional chain 15 for each additional “spider”.


  1. I love spiders. A classic spider edging was one of the first posts on my humble blog.

  2. Love this pretty stitch! I am looking forward to learning more in your series. Thank you for sharing your lovely talent!

  3. Beautiful stitch pattern!

  4. lovely stitch... sure i'll try it soon

  5. different types of spiders

    1. Niatta I went to your page you listed but is in a different language?

    2. Niatta I went to your page you listed but is in a different language?