Thursday, July 29, 2021

Five Lacy Crochet Scarves Commission

I recently was commissioned to crochet five lacy scarves! What an exciting crochet project! 

Here they all are! I enjoyed crocheting each one of them, and most importunely the lady who commissioned them was highly satisfied with my work, which makes very, very happy! 


Scarf #1
Yarn: Hobbii Universe, color 7.


Scarf #2


Yarn: King Cole, Riot Double Knitting, color 3352 Water Lily 


Video tutorial for the main stitch


Scarf #3

Yarn: Red Heart Unforgettable, color Gotham


Scarf #4

Yarn: Lion Brand Yarns Landscapes, color Tropics


Scarf #5

Yarn: Lion Brand Yarns Landscapes, color Mountain Range


Monday, July 12, 2021

Bernat Softee Chunky Lacy Hat and Scarf Crochet Set, Video Tutorial and Written Pattern

It is still summer in the Northern hemisphere, but I am already working on fall/winter crochet projects!

This chunky lacy hat is the variation of the baby lacy hat that I made a couple of years ago. Since then, people have been asking me how to adjust that pattern for the adult size. 

The pattern is very easy, and there are only nine rounds. 

The yarn is Bernat Softee Chunky in color Forest. Only one skein is needed for the hat. Hook size K (6.5 mm)

Buy this yarn on Amazon! 

Buy this crochet hook on Amazon! 

I loved how the hat turned out, so I decided to make a matching scarf. I wasn't sure how chunky lacy fabric will drape when wearing the scarf, but it drapes quite nicely! 

The scarf took three skeins of Bernat Softee Chunky yarn, and the color that I used is Seagreen. 

And with a fourth skein, I got a lovely set! 


Video tutorials for both hat and scarf and available on my Youtube channel. 

Monday, June 28, 2021

How I Wet Block and Spray Starch my Lacy, Crochet Motifs Tablecloth

Hello crochet friends!

In this post I want to share my very simple process of wet blocking a crochet lacy tablecloth or crochet doilies. 

There are only five easy steps:

1. Soak the tablecloth in lukewarm water. Gently squeeze out the water.
2. Place a towel on a flat surface. Lay the tablecloth on the towel.
3. Gently stretch, shape, and straighten the motifs and the stitches.
4. Use spray starch such as Niagara. Shake well. Spray generously onto the tablecloth.
5. Leave to dry.

I also filmed a video of each step! 


Thank you for stopping by! 

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Crochet Lace Motifs Tablecloth, My First Ever Tablecloth Design, Crochet Pattern and Video Tutorial

Happy Summer! I hope you are enjoying it! I certainly am!

After a year and a half of lockdowns, social distancing and isolations, it feels so wonderful to be out and about again! I really enjoy going on day trips exploring my state!

Last month I visited Lincoln, a small town in Northern California. Walking downtown, I noticed this stunning, vintage, crochet tablecloth outside of a small business! 

I snapped a picture, which I later shared on the community tab of my Youtube channel! 

And so many people loved it and encouraged me to create a similar one! 

And here is the tablecloth of my own! Yes, yes, I know, it's not as gorgeous as the one above, but considering that it's my first attempt ever at designing a tablecloth, I think it's not that bad! 

I wanted to keep it simple because like I said, it's my first attempt, and I didn't want to take forever to make it or to get too overwhelmed!

Instead of using crochet thread, I used 100% mercerized cotton yarn (category 3). Specifically I used Patons Grace. To make a five by five motifs tablecloth (about 40 by 40 inches), 7 skeins of yarn needed. 

Buy this yarn of Amazon (affiliate link)

I worked with a hook size F (3.75 mm)

Each motif is quite simple and has only five rounds. The motifs are joined together in the fifth round. Then in the space between the joined motifs I added fill-in lace. 

Do you see the mistake I made in my tablecloth in the picture bellow? When I noticed it, it was way too late to fix it! Oh well! 

 I wrote a detailed pattern for this tablecloth and I filmed a video tutorial as well!

The written pattern is available in my Etsy and Ravelry shops! 

Happy summer and happy crocheting!