Friday, December 11, 2015

Flower Border Crochet Pattern and Tutorial

Do you love browsing crochet pins on Pinterest the way I love it?

I came across a pin for a lovely flower border. The pin led to someone's blog, but there weren't any descriptions on how to make this border, only pictures.

So, since the ideas are not copyrighted (but exact patterns and pictures are), I decided to try replicating this border. I think I was quite successful as my border looks very similar to the original one (see the original pin here).

It's actually quite easy. 

I started with a filet crochet mesh.

Attach green thread to 3rd cell of filet crochet mesh.

Then make: ch 4, tr3-tog

 ch 10, sl st in 6th ch from hook, ch 4, tr4-tog in same cell. 

Skip next 3 cells.

In the next cell make *tr4-tog, ch 10, sl st in 6th ch from hook, ch 4, tr4-tog in same cell, skip next 3 cells*

Repeat the instructions between the asterisks across. Fasten off. 

Now let's make the flowers.

Attach thread into ch-5 loop. Ch 4, tr3-tog, ch 4, sc in loop. (1st petal made)

Make the other four petals in same manner. Fasten off.

So as you can see, each flower is made separately. It is a tedious job.  

but the final result is beautiful!

I hope this pattern and tutorial would be useful to you!

Happy crocheting! 

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  1. It looks very similar to the one in the picture. It's such a cute border.
    xx Beca

  2. super pretty love the flowers! This crochet flower edging would be beautiful on an afghan for a scarf!

  3. Thank you Olga. It's very pretty and I love it!

  4. Beautiful border!! I have seen a similar one too. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. That would make a lovely boarder on some kitchen curtains. Good job.

  6. That is such a pretty border and I love the flowers!