Saturday, January 25, 2020

Clusters Flowers Baby Blanket, Baby Afghan, Crochet Pattern

Over the past several years, I've made dozens of baby blankets! I would estimate somewhere around sixty or seventy! Definitely over fifty!

I've created free and paid baby blanket patterns! I've crocheted baby blankets for family members and friends who had babies. I've taken commissions to crochet baby blankets! 

And I still enjoy making them! I don't think I'll ever get tired of crocheting afghans for babies! 

A handmade baby blanket makes a wonderful and one of a kind gift! Not only it's a beautiful gift, it's a useful one! 

I remember several years ago, I made an afghan for my friend's almost one year-old baby. We met at a coffee shop on a chill day, and I presented my friend a gift bag with the blanket and a few other gifts. We grabbed our coffee and went for a walk in the nearby park. My friend's baby was in the stroller, and the chill air seemed to bother her. Her tiny nose turned red; poor thing, she was quite cold! My gift came handy! My friend covered her little girl with the warm and cozy blanket, and we continued with our walk! 

And not only a crochet blanket is a one of kind and useful gift, it's a budget friendly gift too. 

I make most of my blankets from 100% acrylic yarn. I often use Snuggly Wuggly by Loops & Threads, or Pound of Love by Lion Brand. I found that these yarns are most friendly for my budget! 

I include my affiliate Amazon link below. If you choose to buy this yarn through my link, I will get a small commission from Amazon at no cost to you. Thank you! 

The baby blanket featured in this post if one of my most recent baby afghans! The main stitch is light and lacy and features clusters. The border is ruffled. 

The skill level is advanced beginner. 

The pattern for this blanket is available in my Etsy and Ravelry shops. And for the next few days it's on sale! 


  1. Beautiful color and pattern !!!

  2. You have made another gorgeous baby blanket Olga!

  3. Gorgeous pattern. Thank you for sharing the pattern Just purchased

  4. Хорошая и красивая работа! Прекрасный узор!

  5. What a lovely blanket, Olga, I love both the color and the pattern.

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