Saturday, February 11, 2017

Crochet Pink Lace Summer Dress

I had wanted a crochet lace dress for a long time. Some day, I thought, I will make myself a gorgeous dress! 

But crocheting a dress is not an easy project. I never really got to it. Springs and summers were passing by, and I was telling myself: some day...

Then last month, I was browsing Etsy and came across a beautiful pink dress; I instantly fell in love with it.

I bought it the same day, and here it is!

This dress was designed and made by Marina Tsareva, who lives in Ukraine. The dress is made of mercerized organic cotton.

It is a pricey dress, but I thought it's okay to splurge on myself once in a while. 

Besides, knowing that my money went to a talented and hardworking woman in Ukraine (which is my native country, so I know firsthand how hard life is there) actually makes me feel good and happy!

Please, visit Marina's Etsy Shop simply to admire her work and perhaps give her beautiful creations a like or two, so that more people can learn about her amazing work. But be warned that just like me, you might see something you won't be able to walk away from. 

As for me, I cannot wait for spring, so I can wear my lovely dress. 

Thank you Marina! 


  1. Stunning! Really a masterpiece!

  2. So smart and gorgeous, I agree with Liz: a masterpiece!

  3. I've favorited her shop - what amazing treasures she has made! So glad you got one for yourself. :)

  4. IT is stunning, she is very talented.

  5. I love this dress! it will be perfect for summer weather. She is very talented!

  6. I want to get some one on one help/ you do that?