Thursday, June 21, 2018

Happy Summer and Vintage Doily

It's the first day of summer! Hooray! 

I'm in a very cheerful and high spirited mood! 

Look what I found tucked away in my craft box! A beautiful vintage doily that I made a few years ago!

I did a post about it and shared the free vintage pattern back in 2015. You can see it in this old post!

But I honestly don't like the pictures I took back then. So creepy! They don't do any justice to this beautiful doily!

Thus, I wanted to take new photos, bright and cheerful! And the first day of summer is perfect for it! 

The gladioluses are from my garden! Many years ago I bought five bulbs from a dollar store, and since then I have beautiful, cheerful gladioluses every year! Good investment! 

The apples are not from my garden! I just thought they would fit nicely in the pictures! 

But I do have some golf ball sized apples on the tree in my backyard! I'm so excited and cannot wait for them to grow and ripen! 

Happy First Day of Summer! 

What's going on in your garden? 


  1. Oh my! What a beautiful doily!
    So delicate!

  2. Hello Olga, Happy first day of summer. I love that pretty doily you made years ago. The photos of it from back in 2015 are just fine.

  3. So delicate....
    I have a some peaches...
    Have a delicious weekend !

  4. Beautiful doily and lovely flowers!