Monday, July 16, 2012

Doily of the Week #28

lacy crochet small doily

A few weeks ago a picked up a roll of green and white multicolor crochet thread from a Goodwill store for only 49 cents. And out of that thread came this small doily.

I’m not sure if I should keep it or rip it. I think it would’ve looked much better in solid color. With the multicolor thread, the design is not very visible. But I can’t really think of anything this thread would work well for. Perhaps a bookmark?

I used a free pattern from the Internet. I added a few more rounds (by increasing the chain space by one in each consecutive round) because otherwise the doily was the size of a coaster.

Unfortunately, the link to the pattern doesn't work anymore. 


  1. I like it! Even though it's green, if you look really close it has the look of a conch seashell to it. :)

  2. I like it, too. It made me think of a spiderweb when I saw it and I did see the swirl that Sharon thinks makes it look like a conch seashell.

  3. Lovely color !
    Have anice week.

  4. Olga, you do beautiful work! I do see what you see, the pattern design is hidden within the variagated color of the yarn.

    It's a pretty color. Maybe it could be used for edging something or making flowers or bookmarks as you mentioned.

    Thanks for sharing your work with us! I always mean to post a comment and get busy and forget to.

    Laina :-)

  5. I quite like it. I thought it looked nice with the slight swirly effect.

    Ruby x

  6. Definitely keep it, it is too beautiful to ripit.

  7. Oh no, don't rip it! I think its beautiful, so delicate looking. I too see the shell. Lovely work, as always.

  8. i love the swirl effect created by this variegated thread! don't rip it out. mail it to me if you are tempted to rip it!! now, you can pick a pretty solid color and make the pattern again to see the difference!
    jd in st louis

  9. Please keep it; it's as delicate-looking as gossamer :-)

  10. Olá...
    Estou encantada com seus trabalhos. São lindos.