Thursday, May 29, 2014

Doily Love

I can’t really explain why I love doilies so much. It is somewhat old-fashioned, won’t you agree? But then I am myself a rather old-fashioned gal.

I have a big collection of doilies that I have made over several years, and today I want to show you my favorite ones. I don’t have pattern links for all of them, but I do for some.

Sorry, no pattern

Sorry, no pattern

small crochet doily

Sorry, no pattern

Sorry, no pattern

Sorry, no pattern

I love this last photo. I took it a few years ago. It reminds me how I used the lavender to make potpourri and sachets. Unfortunately, my lavender plant died last year. I certainly need to get a new one!

Thank you so much for your comments and compliments on my crochet skirt in the previous post!

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Crochet Lace Skirt

Ta-dah! Finally, I can show you my new crochet skirt!

It took me a long time to make it. I believe I started it back in November, and it took me several long months to complete it. The memories associated with making this skirt are rainy winter mornings and watching British mystery TV shows (Poirot, Miss Marple, Midsomer Murders). After the first several rounds, it became the kind of project that your hands are working and your mind is somewhere else.

I intended to make this skirt a bit longer, but those stitches are tiny, and quite soon the rounds grew just endless. I do praise myself for not giving it all up! 

I used crochet cotton thread size ten, and a steel hook 1.25 mm. 

Crochet skirt free symbol chart

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Crochet Lace Napkin Rings

Hello friends, no new crochet projects to show yet and I still need to take pictures of my new crochet skirt.

So today I’ll show you something that I received as a gift several years ago. These crochet napkin rings are so darling. I used to use them a lot, but nowadays I don’t set pretty tablescapes that often.

It’s only for the sake of these pictures that I pulled out my fine china and silverware. But once my boys are a bit older, I hope to make our dinner experiences are more refined, and all the pretty things I have will be useful once again.

I searched high and low to find any (free) patterns for similar napkin rings. 

There are some finished ones available for sale on Etsy, but not the patterns.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cloche Style Crochet Summer Hats

This week I planned to show you my new skirt that I recently finished, but I haven’t had a chance to wear it and take photographs yet. So it will have to wait.

Instead I’m going to show you another couple of projects that I recently completed.

These summers hats are made of 100% mercerized cotton. I used Grace by Patons. Exactly one skein (136 yards) is needed for one hat, plus some extra for the decorations.

The hats measure about 20 inches in circumference and 7 inches in height. They should fit a girl 3-5 years old.

The pattern for the red hat (it’s actually hot pink, but somehow in the photos it looks as red) is available in my Etsy and Craftsy shops. The pattern for the blue hat will be coming soon.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Brunfelsia Inspired Crochet Throw, My Free Pattern

Every spring a gorgeous shrub blooms in my front yard. It’s called Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow or Brunfelsia Pauciflora. The flowers start rich purple, then they turn lilac, and eventually white. This creates a stunning display with three color flowers at the same time. This spring this shrub inspired me to crochet a throw in three colors – purple, lilac, and white.

But before we go to the pattern, there is one more thing I need to tell you about this plant.

This beauty has a sinister side - it’s extremely toxic! If you ever come across this shrub, it’s better not to touch it at all! Make sure that pets or children don’t chew it or put it in their mouths. The berries formed after the blooming is the most poisonous part of this shrub.  

And now to the pattern! It’s nothing fancy really, just rows of dc2tog clusters. I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn. The colors are very rich and pretty, I hope they won’t run after washings.  

This pattern is my original design. It cannot be posted on other sites or distributed in any other form. If you would like to share this pattern, you can post ONE image on your site with the link to my original post. You can use this pattern to make items for personal use or for sale. If you sell finished items from this pattern, you must give design credit to Lacy Crochet blog ( Please, respect my work. Thank you!

Measurements: 45 by 33 inches


Crochet Hook US size I/9 (5.5 MM)

Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo Yarn, Amethyst, one skein (14 oz, 744 yards)

Red Heart Super Saver, Orchid, one skein (7 oz, 364 yards)

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, White, one skein (7 oz, 364 yards)

In this pattern, I refer to turning chains as “last dc”.

Multiple of 4, plus 2

Ch 122 loosely.

Row 1: (dc2 tog, ch 2, dc2tog) all in 5th ch from hook, *skip 3 ch, (dc2 tog, ch 2, dc2tog) all in next ch* across, dc in last ch. Fasten off. Attach next color yarn.

Row 2: ch 3, *(dc2tog, ch 2, dc2tog) all in next ch-2 space* across, dc in last dc. Fasten off. Attach next color yarn.

Repeat Row 2 until your throw is about 45 inches long (or longer if you wish). End with the same color stripe that you started with.


When working into the last row, make 4 dc in each space between clusters.

Make (3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc) all in the corner space. Repeat same way for all four corners.

When working into the ends of rows, *skip one end of row, make 6 dc in next end of row* across.

When working into the original chain, make 4 dc in each space between clusters.

Join round with sl st and fasten off. 

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Meet Lucy

I had been looking for a doll to demonstrate/model the crochet baby clothes that I make for quite a while. And I finally found it!

Isn’t she a cutie? I named her Lucy, though her original name is Ashley. She is a Marie Osmond Baby Ashley Doll. I bought her from a lovely doll shop in Campbell, California, which is called Nice Twice Doll Shop.

Since my dollie isn’t new, she is missing her bonnet and rattle (see here what she looks like new). But that’s okay because I’m going to make her lots of hats, bonnets, and headbands, as well as dresses, cardigans, sweaters, etc.

And now let me give you links to all the patterns of the crochet items featured in this post:

Off-White Pinafore Style Baby Dress. This pattern is available in my Etsy shop.

White Hat with Pink Flower. The free pattern is by Alli, and I added the flower. 

Baby Beanie with Three Flowers. This beginner’s level pattern is available in my Etsy shop; the pattern comes in four sizes.

Yellow Summer Hat. This hat is made of 100% cotton yarn; the pattern is available in my Etsy shop; the pattern comes in three sizes.

Clusters Hat with a Rose, in my Etsy shop.

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