Monday, May 21, 2012

New Grand Project

Hello my fellow crocheters! It’s been a while since my last post because I was away on a mini vacation. Did you miss me? I sure did miss you!

I want to thank you all for your kind words and comments about my tablecloth. I just started a new project on the same scale. Another tablecloth!

I don’t have a round table inside my home. So the one I showed you is for the bistro table in my garden. But now I want to make a tablecloth for indoors as well. My husband and I just recently extended our dining table. It used to fit 4, but now it can fit 6-8 people. In other words, it’s a really big table. And I am going to crochet a tablecloth for it!

I chose a square-a-day type of tablecloth to crochet. See the pattern here.

My first square is done! It took me about three days to crochet it. So it’s definitely not going to be square a day, but I do hope to finish it by December. Oh how nice it would be to have a beautiful crochet tablecloth on my Christmas dinner table.

I will post updates on this project along the way. I’m sure at some point I will get bored and tired of it, so I will need your encouragement to continue ;-)

Wish me luck with my new project!

square a day

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  1. Ηi Olga!
    I'm Marina from Greece, living in Belgium for the time being.
    I'm finishing a tablecloth like yours and I'll post it at the next days! It consists of 64 pieces!!! Mine is fabric and crochet, all in one at each piece!
    Good luck with your project!!!

    1. Hi Marina, nice to meet you. I would really like to see your tablecloths.
      Thank you for your visit and your comment.

  2. It is going to be spectacular! You have a great goal before you and I know your Christmas table is going to be very, very pretty!

  3. Hi Olga,
    Must say that is one huge project. Your square is looking very pretty and the tablecloth is going to be fabulous. So here's wishing you lots of luck and looking forward to seeing your lovely tablecloth for Christmas.
    Love, Sangeetha

  4. This going to be so beautiful. I have two large lace tablecloths that I bought at an estate sale. At first I thought they were crocheted but on second look, I think they are tatted. They are amazing! I haven't put them in my blog, but I think perhaps I will tomorrow~

    1. Wow, lace tablecloths from estate sale, great finds! I would love to see them.

  5. Looks like it is a nice pattern. I haven't made a tablecloth in a couple of years. Will look forward to seeing your progress.

  6. Sure its a great project... expecting the updates regarding this table cloth.... happy crocheting

  7. Hello

    It's beautiful project, I wish you luck with your new project!


  8. Good Luck ! I'll be waiting....
    Have a wonderful day.

  9. Hello Olga...I just stumbled upon your website and was absolutely speechless to see the pattern you are using for your tablecloth. Several months ago, I started to look for a pattern to use as a bedspread, and I chose the very same one you are using! I cannot remember exactly where I found the pattern, but I know I was looking at a reprint from a "Royal Society" publication - dated 1934 - and the pattern was called: Vine Square Bedspread and Pillow. It also comes with a different border than the pattern from which you are working. I had no idea that it was also used for a tablecloth! I have now completed several squares, and it works up beautifully! I would love to give you my support and encouragement as, I too, find the work to be somewhat tedious. I take breaks by working on other projects! Good luck, and I would love to know how your tablecloth progresses.
    By the way, if you would like to see the photo and diagram - with the different border - that I am working from, please let me know and I would be more than happy to let you have a copy!