Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Doily for St Patrick’s Day

Do you decorate your home for St Patrick’s Day? I usually don’t, but this year will be different. My oldest son is four year olds now, and he really enjoys all the holidays and festivities. 

But being a frugal mom, I’m not rushing to the store to buy St Patrick’s Day decorations. Instead, we will make them ourselves. Cutting shamrock and clover leaves out of paper is easy and fun for kids, and doesn’t cost anything.  

In my stash of yarns and threads, I found a bit of green cotton thread, just enough for a small doily. And here is what I produced – a perfect small doily for St Patrick’s Day!

The doily pattern is called Four Leaf Clover and was designed by Patrizia Pisani. Click here for the pattern.

I had a bit of trouble with those four overlapping circles and had to try a few times. Also, in the pattern it says that single crochets must be used to make those rings, but on the picture provided it looks like double crochets were used. I tried single crochets, but it didn’t look anything close to the picture. But when I used double crochets instead, it looked identical to the picture. Perhaps, it was a typo in the pattern.

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  1. adorable really cute... I might have to give it a try as well...

  2. It probably is a Europe pattern. Their single crochet is a double in American crochet.

  3. Perfect for St. Patrick's Day! The middle looks like Celtic knots. I love how enthusiastic children are about holidays. It makes it so fun! xoxo

  4. Hermosa y con mucha suerte con el trébol de cuatro hojas, aquí en Argentina hace poco se celebra ese día pero solo en la capital de Bs As. que yo sepa, me gusta que con tus manos te hagas tus propios adornos nada mejor besitos y a festejar !!!

  5. Such an interesting pattern ~ it turned out perfect!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing. Looking forward to making it, perfect for next month!

  7. It is so pretty, you did a great job.

  8. It's very nice! I've never seen a doily like this before. It's very interesting :)

  9. Hi Olga!
    Very pretty doily!! And the green is perfect for St. Patricks day.

  10. Lovely doily, the colour is great! Elisabeth x

  11. Perfect indeed !
    Have a nice day !

  12. This motif is very nice, will be great to crochet to Irlands technics.

  13. Wow, nice pattern! Beautiful!!

    Have a nice day!


  14. Beautiful doily ! Nice color!