Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sharp Crochet Hook Review

Disclosure: I received a free Sharp Crochet Hook and Pattern Book ($10.99 value) to test and write a review. The opinions expressed below are completely my own based on my own experience.

A couple of weeks ago I was offered to write a review for a Sharp Crochet Hook, a special kind of hook for crocheting through fabrics. I agreed to test the hook and write a post sharing my honest opinion.

As I received the hook in the mail, I opened the packaging right away and closely examined the hook. I noticed that the hook has a distinct pointy head, though I realized it’s not as sharp as I expected it to be.

Next, I tried the hook on different fabrics. First on a towel as I wanted to add some lacy charm to my bath towels for a while. I must admit I was disappointed. The hook does pierce the thick towel texture, but I expected it to do it with more ease. I had to employ some effort in piercing it through. 

Next I tried poking holes with the Sharp Crochet Hook on an old receiving blanket. I just wanted to see how it would work on flannel. It worked better than on the towel! 

Finally, I decided to make a complete project using the Sharp Crochet Hook. I have some dinner napkins that I wanted to add crochet trim to. The fabric of the napkins is 50% cotton, 50% polyester blend, and I used size 10 crochet cotton thread. At first it was quite difficult, but as I progressed it became better.

To make this lacy edging, I made a round of single crochets directly into the napkin edges using the Sharp Crochet Hook. Then I switched to a steel hook size 1.25 mm to make the lace trim.

To see how the Sharp Crochet Hook works compared to a regular hook, I tried crocheting the edge with a regular steel hook size 1.25 mm, which looks slightly smaller than the Sharp Crochet Hook. I don’t know what size the sharp hook is as it doesn’t say neither on the hook, nor on the pattern book. 

I found that the pointy head of the Sharp Crochet Hook has an advantage over the regular size 1.25 mm hook. Though I realized that with a bit more effort it’s still possible to make the trim with the regular hook.

My conclusion: The pointy head of the Sharp Crochet Hook is an advantage!


* The head is not sharp enough to easily pinch the fabric. 

* The Sharp Crochet Hook comes only in one (unknown) size, which doesn’t work equally well with different kinds of fabrics. For example, this hook would not work with a delicate handkerchief fabric as it leaves big holes. It would be more practical if the hook came in different sizes. 

*With only a bit of extra effort, a regular steel hook size 1.25 mm can be a thriftier option (especially if you already own it).


  1. Great review! Up till now I used a 1.25 mm hook just as you but I have a sharp point crochet hook in my posession. I am glad I did not decided to try it with my delicate wedding handkerchiefs!

  2. Hmmmm very interesting. I just put a crochet trim on a skirt that had shrunk too much, and I was wondering how that type of hook might work. I used yarn and a needle and did a blanket stitch first to help produce a base for the stitches. A hook would have been much nicer, but I used thicker yarn so that might be a problem.
    Great review.

    1. I think this hook would not work with yarn as it is too small.

  3. Милые и нужные вещички для дома...

  4. Appreciate your honest review. I've seen those crochet hooks before and always wondered how handy they would be. Thanks for the info!

  5. Very very lovely. Thanks for the information. hugs Judy

  6. Great review! Very balanced :) I've used a regular hook for this purpose before, on a very small scale, and although the idea of the Sharp hook is appealing, it sounds like the product definitely needs some more developments, especially in sizing!

  7. I think a person could just take a useful steel hook in their collection and grind a point on it. Personally I would use a size 5 hook for this purpose as it's an all round size, and I only crochet with thread. OK, not everyone has a grinder and buffer at hand. It happens I do, so I have no excuse not to try it out.. It's cheaper to experiment with one of my $2 hooks than spend $8 on an unknown quantity.