Saturday, December 7, 2013

Taking a Holiday Break

Dear Readers and fellow Bloggers,

I have to take a break from blogging till next year.
I am forced to because my computer broke down. My husband ordered the necessary parts to fix it, but unfortunately they won't arrive until January. It is a bit upsetting, but I'm trying to keep a positive attitude. Perhaps staying offline during the Holiday Season will do me some good.

I won't be able to answer comments during this time, but if you have an urgent question about any of the patterns, you can send me an e-mail (I can check it and reply from my iphone).

I wish you all a heartwarming Holiday Season with your families. And may we all have lots of crochet inspiration and projects to keep our hands busy in New Year 2014!

Love and peace on earth,



  1. See you in January and have a fabulous Christmas and a Happy New year Olga x

  2. Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year for you also Olga. Beautiful doily. Hope you can fix yr computer. ( if you have an iPhone you can get the blogger app and blog from yr phone. It's not so easy but you can make shorter blogs). Otherwise, there is no hurry and we will be here when you get back :) happy holidays!

  3. We will miss you, but what a better time to take a break than this time of the year really. Spending more time with family and just enjoy the season. Will see you next year and I hope You and Your Family a very Blessed Holiday Season.

  4. Bom dia Olga, que toalhinha mais linda , meu anjo.
    Eu amei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Years with love, joy and health !
    A big hug !!!

  6. Oh you poo thing Olga. Take a good rest, even if it is forced on you and have a wonderful Holiday Season.

  7. Ольга, счастливого вам Рождества и Нового года!

  8. Happy Holidays, enjoy your down time with your family and I look forward to new blogs in 2014

  9. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year. Looking forward to seeing you i 2014.

  10. Happy Holidays, Olga. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Looking forward to new inspirations in 2014.

  11. I'm sorry to hear that you're having computer problems, and hope that your repairs go well! Look forward to reading whenever you get back online :) Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!!!

  12. Un buen descanso en esta época viene muy bien espero que pronto vuelvas con tus maravillas para compartir con todas nosotras y deleite para nuestros ojos, te deseo una muy Feliz Navidad y lo mejor para este Año Nuevo junto a tu familia un gran beso Sandra ♥.