Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Giving Up!

This was supposed to be my “gorgeous lacy red skirt”, but I totally failed at it!

After over two months of crocheting, writing down each round, unraveling, crocheting again, unraveling again, going crazy about it... it’s time to give up! 

Oh what a waste of time and energy it was. But it’s not even that that makes me feel sad. It’s the feeling of failure. I really wanted this skirt to happen…

The problem is I couldn’t get the increases right. My skirt would turn out either too wide, or too slim, or have some other strange shape. 

It looks okay in the picture, but it looks totally weird when I try it on. So the final verdict is to unravel it all!


  1. I feel ya, sister! Unraveling anything you've spent so much time on is the pits! Wonder why your other one turned out well and this one didn't? Maybe the yarn? Or maybe the other one didn't turn out either and I just don't remember. Anywho...sorry about that. I hope you can make something equally as pretty with that yarn.

    1. Thank you. Yeah, the first one turned out great, and I didn't follow any patterns, just my "feel for it", but somehow it didn't work with this one :-(

  2. Sorry about what you have gone through but don't feel that you have failed. The thing that you took the challenge itself is a success. I can understand being sad about your most wanted gorgeous skirt. As you say it is looking gorgeous in the picture and I know you might have tried all possible ways of getting it in right shape. But just don't leave it, may be add an adjusting band on top and a sleek crochet belt to adjust the size.

  3. Sorry about that, as you said in the picture it looks so pretty. I'm sure you will find another pattern.. You make amazing projects and another idea will just pop up for you.

  4. So sorry that it wouldn't work the way you wanted it to, I remember your first pineapple skirt which I was totally in awe of. Sometimes we just have to know when it is time to give up even if it breaks our hearts.

  5. que pena!!!!. en la foto se ve muy bonito el tejido pero si no te gusta, es mejor que lo deshagas aunque es una pena despues de tanta labor realizada!! un besito.maria:)

  6. Oh bless your heart Olga, It looks fantastic from here. I bet you get it right the next time. You can do it my friend.

  7. Sorry for you....Turn the page, or skirt, and go for an other project !

  8. Que pena!!
    Nao fique triste e nao desista, corchê é assim mesmo.
    Isso já aconteceu comigo varias vezes e na outras tentativas também.
    Eu guardo por algum tempo e depois pego de novo e dá certo.
    Thainá Knechtel

  9. Oh so sad for you - but you're right, it look beautiful on the photo! I'm sure you'll turn the yarn into something else that's absolutely incredible. Pull out REALLY quickly with a cup of strong coffee (or two?).

  10. Oh man! I'm so sorry. =( It looks so pretty!

  11. Oh what a pity all that work and time for nothing, it looks lovely too, but I know from experience sometimes you have just got to admit defeat and move on. xxx

  12. Olga, I once worked a thread pineapple skirt and it seemed out of shape too but when I finished, the weight pulled it down so it flared on the bottom and skinnied out like a mermaid skirt. It is pretty what ever you decide.

  13. Don't feel bad! Even the most experienced knitter has done this.

    There's a you knit, so shall you rip.


  14. Oh my gosh Olga. I feel so bad for you. I know how much work it is. I actually sell hand knit and hand crochet garments and accessories. How frustrating. I hate it when I do a pattern and can't get it right. It does look beautiful though.
    Have a great week.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  15. What a shame! It looks lovely in the photo. I understand your frustration. Sometimes things just don't turn out like we imagine them in our mind. Sorry!

  16. Oi Olga!
    Que pena,que não deu certo,na foto parece que a saia está tão bonita.
    Mas não fique triste,no crochê e trico esta coisas as vezes acontece.
    Eu também já fiz uma blusa de trico ,errei e também tive que desmanchar inteira.
    Mas sei com certeza,que você ,vai dar volta por cima,desmanchar e fazer um lindo trabalho.
    Beijos fique com Deus.

  17. Thanks for dropping by my blog for a visit Olga. I have a feeling if you unravel this skirt, something else that is beautiful and useful will be created. Maybe even another skirt?