Thursday, April 14, 2016

Butterflies Crochet Bookmark or Lace Edging

Just a week ago I made my Pink Fans Lace Bookmark, and now I have a new one to show off. 

This one features cute butterflies. 

This pattern is a bit more advanced. In addition to the basic stitches, treble and double treble crochets are used here, as well as double treble clusters (that's how tiny butterfly wings are made). It also has one very specific stitch, but I took close-up photos and explained it in great detail. 

So I believe even a beginner or advanced beginner crocheter can make this lovely bookmark. 

These butterflies are so lovely and unique. I am thinking I could adjust this pattern and make myself a cute butterfly summer top. But that would be so much work!

This patten is available in my Etsy and Craftsy Shops. 

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  1. I love this it's beautiful. :)

  2. I always wish this to be free - it is so beautiful. I live in South Africa and it is very complicated and extremely more expensive for me to order these patterns. I just love this butterfly bookmark, but once again I am disappointed. I do have ALL your free patterns

    1. Hello,

      I can understand your disappointment. Everybody likes free stuff, including myself.
      But the truth is it takes time and effort to create a pattern for something even as small as a bookmark. And I too feel very disappointed when I see my patterns and photos (which also take time to take and edit) being republished on other websites. And I feel disappointed and even hurt when I see my free patterns being sold on Etsy and Ebay.
      I have bills to pay, children to raise, aging parents to take care of, etc... So why shouldn't I be compensated for my time and work?
      I am glad to know you have ALL of my free patterns. I feel honored that my patterns are useful to others. I'll try my best to keep a good balance of paid and free patterns on my blog.

      Thank you for your understanding and support.


    2. It's beautiful and it's in my Craftsy cart. I understand everything cannot be free and those who beg for everything to be free, well, I don't see them creating items or patterns for free. Also, this is a downloadable pattern so shipping is free. Don't know the difference in currency though. If you really really want a pattern or book you'll budget and save for it.

    3. Thank you for your kind comment! I really appreciate it!