Monday, August 15, 2016

Delicate Lace Crochet Baby Hat, Free Pattern from Pinterest

I think this is one of the most beautiful crochet items I've ever made!

I made this hat for a friend's baby. I'm sure it will look adorable on her. I was thinking about adding a flower, but this lacy stitch is so beautiful, it doesn't really need any other embellishments.

I came across this symbol chart (crochet diagram) for this hat on Pinterest. Click here to see it.

I used super fine, category 1, cashmere yarn and a size D/3 (3.25 mm) crochet hook. 
I can't say exactly how many yards of yarn I used. Not many, as the stitch is very open and light in texture. 

I tried the pattern twice. The first time my hat was coming out too big. So at the second attempt, in first round I started with 12 dc in ring instead of 16.
The rest of the pattern worked out the same and my hat came out the right size I needed - about 16 inches in circumference and 6.5 inches in height. 

I made a trim different from the one in the original pattern. I tried that one and I didn't like it. So I simply made a few rounds of single crochets.

This is not an easy pattern. It involves front post double crochets and crossed double crochets. And of course, it involves the ability to read/follow crochet charts.


  1. This is so ridiculous,I don't see any way to download this free pattern without great difficulty. Why is it so hard? All I want is to create things to give away. I am tired of all this.

    1. The symbol chart is available on Pinterest, for which I gave a link (it says: click here to see it). I don't own the right for that pattern, that's why I'm not posting it on my blog.

      Have a nice day

  2. Unfortunately, the link is broken.

  3. I can't download or print pattern

  4. I really want this pattern, but the link does not work. Can't seem to find it on my own eaither.