Thursday, September 1, 2016

Whipped Cream Dress, Free Pattern from Leisure Arts

When I saw the free pattern for this dress, I instantly dropped all the other crochet projects that I was working on. I just knew I must make it! 

It only took me a few days. I posted my progress in Crochet Gate group on Facebook and I got lots of compliments and positive feedback. Thank you! I also got some questions. 

So I thought I should make a post and address some of the most trickiest parts of this pattern. 

The free pattern comes from Free Pattern Friday Crochet, a free online newsletter by Leisure Arts. I loved this pattern so much, that I actually signed up for this newsletter, and I'm looking forward to more patterns from Leisure Arts.

The pattern comes in size 12-18 months. 

It calls for baby fingering weight yarn and hooks size D (3.00 mm) and E (3.5 mm).

I used Woolike yarn by Loops & Threads.

I can't say exactly how much yarn I used (my yarn came from another project that I wasn't happy with and had to unravel. Yep, things like that happen to me often).

Here are some notes that might be useful:

After I completed the first four rows, I realized that my piece is not symmetric. Somehow I had more dc(s) on one side than on the other. "Arhh, I thought, I must've made a mistake!" So I unraveled my work and started over, just to realize that once again my piece is not symmetric.

So I took a careful look at the pattern, glancing at rows and rounds ahead, and I realized that this dress has a placket, and those extra double crochets on one side are precisely for that. 

So, don't unravel your work when you realize the piece is not symmetric. That's how it's supposed to be!

When you get to Round 1, you will leave those extra 6 dc unworked. And that's your placket. 

One of crochet friends from Crochet Gate group asked me about Round 14. At the beginning of the round, the pattern says "dc in next 3 dc" and later in the same round it says "dc in next 4 dc." She was confused where those 3 dc and 4 dc come from. 

Perhaps it will be easier if you read that round this way:

Round 14: Ch 3, dc in next dc, skip next ch-3, sc and ch-3, dc in next 2 dc, ch 1, (dc in next dc, ch 1) 7 times, * dc in next 2 dc, skip next ch-3, sc and ch-3, dc in next 2 dc, ch 1, (dc in next dc, ch 1) 7 times; repeat from * around; join with slip st to first dc.

I also tried to show it in the picture bellow. See how 4 dc come together (Sorry for the quality of the photo. I took it last night past the sunset, so the lighting is bad.)

I had a bit of confusion at Round 35 (last round). In this round clusters are used. And I always think of crochet clusters as something like dc3-tog or some sort of variation of it. But in this pattern, clusters are different. Make sure to carefully read the instructions for special stitches used in this pattern. 

Now back to the placket. Seems like some people had trouble with it. So perhaps some visual help will be useful. 

Here is what it looks like. 
When working on finishing, after completing Row 2 of buttonhole band, leave a tail long enough to sew the bottom of the placket to inside of the buttonhole band. I used a tapestry needle for that. 

Here is what the back of the dress looks like when bottom of the placket is sewn in place and buttons added. (I didn't have white buttons on hand, so I went with pink ones. White ones would probably look better.)

I think this is it! I love the way my Whipped Cream Dress turned out, and I enjoyed making it. 

I hope my notes and suggestions will be useful to my crochet friends who are working on this pattern too. 

Happy Crocheting! 


P.S. If you have any other questions, you can ask me in the comments bellow. But hurry, while this pattern is fresh in my head :)

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  1. Olá amiga!
    Ficou um encanto, este vestidinho.

  2. It's adorable and it does look frothy just like whipped cream. :) xx

  3. Such a pretty little dress. So nice of you to post your tips you discovered along the way.
    xx, Carol

  4. My mom crocheted this dress for my oldest daughter when I first had her 22 yrs ago. The dress now hangs in my sewing room on display. I thought the dress looked familiar when I saw the picture then I ran to my sewing room and indeed, it's the same dress. It's a classic vintage pattern. I love how your dress turned out. Maybe I need to make one for my future grandchild. It'll be on my to do list. Thanks for sharing the link to the pattern. Have a wonderful weekend.
    xx Beca

    1. Wow, that's a lovely family story. I have two boys, but maybe one day I'll get to crochet dresses for my granddaughters :) Who knows?
      And for now I'll make dresses for friends' baby girls.

  5. I would like to make this for my newborn granddaughter, due in June/July. Any idea how to amend the pattern for a newborn?

  6. Hi I'm trying to get the full pattern to this beautiful baby dress whipping cream. The one posted isn't taken me to it, just to your helpful suggestions. Thank you

    1. You need to scroll all the way down. The pattern is on the bottom of that page.