Monday, November 27, 2017

Pineapples and Fans Doily, Table Topper, My New Crochet Pattern

The Holidays are just around the corner, and I am sure many of you are working on gifts for family and friends.

I wanted to make a big doily for a friend. I've made so many doilies in the past and I have lots of patterns on my blog, but I didn't want to use any of them. I wanted something new!

So I came up with something new!

I made the white doily first and wrote down the pattern. Then I made the pink one to test my pattern. 

So one of these doilies will be for my friend, and the other one for me. 

 The white one is classic. The pink one looks great on my dresser!

So not only I made a Christmas gift for my friend, but also for myself!

I named this doily pattern Pineapples and Fans. There are 33 rounds, and the finished doily measures about 21 inches in diameter. It's a pretty big size doily or table topper. 

About 380 yard of cotton thread size ten, such as Aunt Lydia's, are needed. That's a little bit more than a standard roll, which is 350 yards. 

The hook is 1.5 mm. 

The skill level is intermediate. It's not so much about difficult stitches (there aren't any really), but about being able to read each row very carefully and following the instructions. 

The pattern is available for sale in my Etsy, Craftsy and Ravelry shops. 


  1. I love it!!!!! and I ordered it. I also just ordered 2 balls crochet thread I've never used before tot make it in a lovely Violet. It's Universal Yarn Nazli Gelin Garden Egyptian Cotton Crochet Thread. It had great reviews.

    1. I think it will look lovely in violet! I've never used that thread before, but I just googled it. Wow, it comes in so many beautiful colors, way more than Aunt Lydia's.
      I would love to see your finished doily made in that thread. If you'll have a chance, please share your pictures. Happy crocheting!

  2. Hello Olga, as usual your crochet work is beautiful and the doilies are so pretty. :0)
    Enjoy the week

  3. What a pretty doily, Olga. Your friend must be so pleased with it. I would have kept the pink one for me :-)

  4. wow...that is indeed a pretty doily

  5. It's beautiful Olga very pretty. :) x

  6. It is incredible. I can't believe you can =just come up with that intricate and incredible pattern. Well done!