Sunday, June 3, 2018

Coloring to Keep My Mind Calm

When I started this blog back in 2011, I couldn't have imagined that crochet will become such a huge part of my life.
Back then it was simply a relaxing activity, something I did just for fun!

But now it's my job! I am grateful for my blog and my pattern shop, for people who follow me, buy my patterns, encourage and support me! 

Crocheting is still highly enjoyable for me, but it's no longer relaxing. Now there is always some pressure present - to make a new post with a free pattern, to release a new paid pattern, to get back to a customer who needs help as soon as I can, etc. But all of these issues are just a part of having a small online business, so I'm not complaining, not at all. 

But over the past year I've been dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety related to my personal life, which greatly impact my mental and emotional health. 

One of the biggest issues is that I have trouble sleeping at night. There are always so many thoughts racing through my mind, keeping me awake! 

I've been trying to find activities that could help me stay calm. 
I tried meditation, but it's very difficult actually. I do keep trying. 
And now I found one activity that is calming and enjoyable just the way crocheting used to be. 


I find it very soothing. I do it just for the sake of doing it. No pressure! 

I bought a book of 20 postcards, and I color every day. When I finish a card, I write a short note and send it to a family member or a friend, just wising them a good day or thanking them for being in my life. That too helps to calm myself, just knowing that I am not alone, that I have a lot of people who care about me. 

I gave up drinking coffee, and now I mostly drink tea. A lot of tea! 
But black tea still has caffein, so I should probably switch to green tea.

I hope this post wasn't too depressing. If you have any advice, please do share. 

The doily in the photo above is the Spring Bloom Doily, a free design that I posted earlier this year. You can see my free pattern here.

Stay calm and happy!   


  1. Never hide, when you're feeling down, when you've got the feeling things simply are too much. Keeping up appearances would absolutely drain you from the power you have. Be good to yourself, step back, put your feet up, do not forget to breathe and enjoy life. If you like coffee, drink it, it you prefer black tea to green - just go for it! Be kind to yourself - always! Do not put any extra pressure on yourself just because of a little caffeine (which isn't the cause of your stress after all). Having recognised there is something wrong and starting to do something about it, it much better than just keeping on going! Take care!

  2. In difficult times, I find comfort in the Lord.
    When life becomes too overwhelming and hurting, crying in His presence and trusting Him in spite of the circumstances is very comforting.

    In times like these, I recall the verse of Psalms 23:4:
    "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

    It is wonderful how He soothes our soul in times of troubles and trusting in Him makes things actually work out miraculously.

  3. Coloring is a great way to beat the stress and feel good seeing the colorful creations. I drink coffee only in the morning. I have observed that I cannot sleep at night if I drink coffee in the evening. I try to read when I can't sleep. For stress related sleeplessness, if it doesn't resolve in 2-3 weeks, it is better to consult doctor. Hope you will feel better soon. Take care.

  4. Check your green tea as it can have caffeine in it as well. There are wonderful herbal teas out there you might want to check out. There are also wonderful websites that have calming medications on them (e.g., and no I don't work for them). I also have my electronic "assistant" from Amazon (no I don't work for them either) play rain sounds when I am trying to sleep and I go out like a light. She has other calming sounds that can help if rain doesn't do it for you.

    I love that you color and send the cards to friends. I bet that they love your creativity (I know I do!) and thoughtfulness. What a wonderful surprise to get in the mail.

  5. A beautiful blog with beautiful crocheted things!!!You are very handy!
    Have a nice day.

    1. Try to drink instead of black and green herbal tea (melissa or St. John's wort to treat various disorders including depression) Good luck!

  6. It appears that with the comments of others, this is a safe place for you to voice your thoughts and concerns. I agree with each of them in their advice. I don't know your religious affiliation, but I have always found that reading the Psalms has helped me through very many times in my life that have been very stressful. I also recommend reading if you enjoy this. I'm glad you have found that coloring is helpful for you. I've done some too, and have several friends who enjoy it.


  7. Dear Olga, I too color from time to time and it is very relaxing. I think it's great that you've found comfort in it. Sending out the pages with notes is a great idea. My favorite tea to drink is chamomile. Honey vanilla chamomile. I also like to pray when my heart is heavy or when my mind is loaded down. It helps. Sending you virtual hugs.
    xx Beca

  8. Olga, I love your website & ALL your work is beautiful! Possibly try to "let go a bit" of some of the pressures. Everyone enjoys your work and will continue to follow you.. Here are a few of my suggestions: I just started following you, possibly you could re-post some of your older projects to give yourself a break. I would love to see some of your other work, but I don't have the time to go backwards and look at all of them. I love to put Pandora on and listen to solo piano music to quiet my mind. I love to read it helps to give my mind a rest and takes me away to another place for awhile. Sometimes I write about my feelings and it helps also. P.S.I LOVE the new Katrina Doily with all the picots, it looks so soft, light, airy, feminine, and the photography is also beautiful!! I would love to make it and frame it, but I'm not sure I have the patience to complete it.. May you find new strength each morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, and your creativity. You are loved by all. Lynn

    1. Hi Lynn, I saw your comment just now and it deeply touched me. Thank you so much!

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  10. Dear Olga,

    I want to thank you for helping me go from beginner to advanced beginner with your clear and fun crochet video tutorials. Your patterns are easy to understand, and next thing I know... I have made something amazing.

    You have such an amazing talent in designing doilies... wow! But, I hope that crochet becomes another calming and relaxing hobby for you again because God gave this gift to you. Please enjoy it. :)

    Love in Christ,