Sunday, January 13, 2019

Ninfa Doily, My New Crochet Pattern

I am excited to present my new doily design! 

It is a small doily (only 10 inches across after blocking), which features lots of popcorns.

This doily is quick and easy to make, and only takes about 100 yards of thread. 

I name my doilies after my friends, so I named this doily Ninfa after my very good friend. 

I only met Ninfa last year, but we became instant friends. We live in the same neighborhood, go to the gym together, occasionally meet for coffee at our local Starbucks, go hiking, and text each other every day! 

Yesterday we went on a hike up on the foothills behind my house. We've been having a lot of rain here in Northern California, and the hills turned so lusciously green! What a joy to go for a walk with a good friend to enjoy the nature and fresh air! 

My Ninfa Doily pattern is available in my shops on Etsy and Ravelry


  1. It is beautiful! I love it in the pale blue. I don't make many doilies but I might give this one a try. Wish me luck. ♥
    xx Beca

  2. Hi Olga, I feel foolish but I can't find your email. It's probably right in front of me plainly visible but I don't see it. I'll leave you my email here.
    xx Beca