Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Freehand, Freestyle, Freeform Crochet Lace Technique, Crochet Lace Coasters, Crochet Video Tutorials

I made myself a set of new coaters! I like how my coasters have irregular shape, which gives them a modern look!

I used crochet cotton thread size 10 and a steel hook size 1.25 mm. 

Usually when I work with size 10 thread, I used 1.5 or 1.75 mm hook, but for this project I wanted my stitches to be especially tight and neat, so I went with a smaller size hook. 

The technique for this crochet lace involves using chains, slip stitches, and single crochets. 

I made a detailed video tutorial for this freehand/freestyle crochet technique, and I also made a video on how to make such coasters. 

I hope you'll enjoy them! Happy Crocheting! 

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  1. The coasters you made are so pretty and will be perfect for entertaining anytime. :)