Monday, June 12, 2023

Crochet Lace Dress Summer 2023, 100% Mercerized Cotton

Summer already arrived to California, and just in time I finished crocheting my lacy dress! 

I absolutely love how it turned out! 

I made this dress with category 2, 100% mercerized cotton. I prefer mercerized cotton yarns for summer garments as they create fabrics with minimal stretch. For a dress like this, or any crochet dress for that matter, the stretching can be real issue. After all, nobody wants to spend hours and hours crocheting a dress and then have it completely out of shape only after one wear! 

For that reason, I highly recommend mercerized cotton yarns or threads for your summer wearables such as dresses, blouses, and tops! 

The specific yarn that I used is YarnArt Begonia, in color pink. I purchased two packs of five skeins each on Amazon. So in total I had ten skeins (50 grams each), and for my size (X-small) I used 7 skeins, which is 350 grams in total. 

I crocheted with a hook size D (3.25 mm). 

I used an existing dress of mine as template for the size. I combined five different lacy stitches, and I separated them with rounds of double crochets. Not only that looked pretty, but it helped me keep the count of the stitches and do the necessary decreases! 

I'd also like to share with you what I wear underneath the dress as it could be challenging to find something appropriate for a see-through lacy dress like this! 

I purchased a cute, 100% cotton slip on Amazon. I bought the size Small, the smallest they had, but unfortunately it was too big for me. So when I went to visit my mom, who has a sewing machine, I asked her to make two seams on the sides to tailor the slip to my size. Now it's perfect fit for me! 

The fabric of this cotton slip is light and breathable, the kind of fabric you would find on fine handkerchiefs. 

It is very reasonably priced!

I made a Youtube video where I shared more details and the process of crocheting this dress! Also I have patterns and tutorials for all the lacy stitches that I used in my dress! 

Happy summer! 


  1. Wow! Olga, this dress is beautiful and you did a great job making it. I hope you enjoy wearing this dress for the summer!