Tuesday, September 12, 2023

4 Best Motifs for Tablecloth, Table Runner, Table Topper, Placemats, Summer Blouse or Top, Lace Cardigan, Bedspread, etc

If you are looking for a pattern for a crochet motif to make a tablecloth, a table runner, a table topper, lacy placemats, a summer top or a blouse, a lacy cardigan, or a bedspread, you might find it on this page! 

Here are four patterns for unique and easy to crochet motifs that I created! 

I also made it very easy for crocheters, especially the beginner ones, to be able to crochet any of these motifs. 

For each pattern, I created a detailed video tutorial, including the instructions on how to join the motifs together. 

I also sketched a symbol chart for each motif for those of you who prefer symbol charts! 

I hope you'll like these motifs, or at least one of them! 

Happy crocheting!



1. Free video tutorial on Youtube (symbol chart is included in the video)

2. Symbol chart only for sale on Etsy, $0.99


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  1. They are all very pretty Olga it's hard to choose a favourite.🙂