Sunday, November 27, 2011

Doily of the Week #1: Small and Charming

Of all crochet projects, doilies are my favorite. During the past couple of years, I’ve built quite a collection of them. The majority of them are white, but I have several colored ones too. I love pulling out my pink doilies and decorating with them during spring. I like to use my blue doilies for small outdoor tea settings in summer. And I even have a couple of red heart doilies for Valentine’s Day.

In other words, I have dozens of lovely doilies, and I am bursting with a desire to share them with the world!

Every Sunday, I will feature one doily from my collection. I’m starting today with a small round doily that I crocheted in only a couple of evenings. Isn’t it charming?

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  1. Just a couple of evenings and such a beautiful doily! Looking forward to seeing all of your doilies : )

  2. Wow, it is just beautiful and you did it in such a short time.

  3. Olá..

    Parabéns... seu blog esta muito lindo..
    Um grande abraço


  4. i love doilies. have ever since i was a child. cant wait to see your collection. may have to add to mine:)

  5. Olá

    Adorei este trabalho, também gosto de fazer este tipo de panos e gosto muito de trabalhar em branco. Parabéns.