Thursday, November 17, 2011


crochet snowflakes
A sleepless night of experimenting with hook and thread produced these snowflakes. They are not extremely pretty, but at least they are my own.

I used crochet thread number ten as well as size ten crochet hook. The snowflakes came out four and a half inches in diameter.

crochet snowflake

The symbol chart is below, I sketched it and my mom has tested it.

crochet snowflake symbol chart

Note: Slip stitches are not shown on the chart, but you will need to use them:

• joining chain 5 into a ring

• at the end of each round (for joining the round)

• starting with round 2, at the beginning of each round (so you can start each new round from the space of chain 2)

• in the last round for making picots

I hope this makes sense and the chart will be of use to you.
Happy crocheting!

I am linking this post to Fibers on Friday @ Visions of Sugar Plums.


  1. thank you so much for sharing your beautiful snowflake pattern!

    jd in st louis

  2. What a wonderful job!
    You excel in all areas of crochet!
    I enjoyed this very much.

  3. Not extremely pretty??!! I think they're GORGEOUS!! Thanks for sharing them with us at Fibers on Friday!!

  4. Oh Olga, thank you for letting me know about
    your beautiful snowflakes. I am hoping in the
    future to be able to chart some of my own.
    You do beautiful work.

  5. Love this snowflake... love to work this pattern... if i do i'll link up to you. :)

  6. Hi Olga.... Inspired by this pattern i crocheted another pattern. thank you

    1. Oh, how nice. Now I'm heading to your blog to see the pictures!

  7. I, too, think it's lovely! Keep right on designing snowflakes!

  8. I have seen all your crochet items & loved them,Thanks for sharing,God Bless You.

  9. i love this but i cant read a chart. thanks

  10. I think they are very unusual & I love them.