Sunday, January 1, 2012

Doily of the Week #6: Pretty in Lilac

I thought today I will share with you the doily that is currently featured in my header. I crocheted this doily last year using the left over lilac thread. I didn't think it would turn out so lovely.

I don't have this doily anymore (I gave it away), but honestly I love looking at these pictures. I've taken so many pictures of my doilies in the past year, but these ones are my all-time favorite.


  1. The photos are very beautiful! The color soft and sweet!

  2. I love the color purple and it is beautiful. Happy New Year.

  3. This looks so the colour.

    Hope you had a good New Year with your Family. I'm getting ready for Sviat Vechir, I just finished with one Christmas and I'm starting all over again. :-)))

  4. Dearest Olga,

    For sure you will have had a very happy receiver for such lovely doily and you are left with perfect photos!
    Love to you,