Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fan Bookmark

crochet fan bookmark

I recently signed up for a bookmark exchange, and this is the bookmark I made for my exchange partner.

If you follow my blog, you probably know that about two weeks ago, I crocheted a heart bookmark using pink thread. I didn’t feel like making another thread bookmark, so I decided to experiment with thin yarn.

I found the pattern on Crochetroo blog (click and scroll down for American instructions). What’s great about this pattern is that the author has it in several different languages. The blog itself wasn’t updated since last summer, but it has many interesting crochet projects and patterns in its archive.

I am very satisfied with the way my bookmark turned out. I only need to buy spray starch to stiffen it a bit, and it will be ready to be mailed to its recipient.


More bookmark patterns from my shop:


  1. This lacy bookmark is lovely and the soft blue looks so pretty!

  2. It is lovely. I love reading books and I also use bookmarks. I think reading on a kindle is horrible and that our kids will miss out by not reading a real book. There is just something about reading a real book that you cannot get from a computer or ipad.

    1. Have made that one and yours came out lovely!
      I also love reading books and think that they will never be totally replaced?! Although I prefer them to a Kindle, I can see that a Kindle could fill some needs, like not having to take 3-4 books on a vacation, or while in the hospital. But for me, never would replace books. Plus I get them in the library and they're not that many free downloads...I jsut can't buy books anymore (unless they're crochet or other pattern books!)

    2. Yes, I prefer reading "real" books too.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Great job!

  4. This is gorgeous Olga! I have seen this pattern before and actually think it is in my collection somewhere. I must dig it out and make on. What a lovely gift. The blue variegated thread is perfect.

  5. Hi Olga,
    So nice of you to stop by. I must say, this bookmark is very pretty and so delicate.

    About 15 years ago I received a Christmas card from one of my aunts, inside was a very pretty crochet bookmark in the shape of a cross. Back then I was not crocheting much, but I always wanted to make one just like it. I can't find it anywhere. But you have inspired me to give thread crochet a try. And I will look for that old bookmark once again. What type of yarn did you use to make this one?

    Take care

    1. I can imagine that a crochet cross bookmark would be pretty. I might try to come up with my own pattern for it.

      I can't tell for sure the type and brand of yarn I used for this bookmark. It was some thin leftover yarn that I had in my supplies for a long time.

  6. Hello Olga,

    The stitch of this boomark is very nice.
    Thank you for your visit.
    ( Sorry but my English is very basic)


  7. I look at this beautiful photograph and think it is a work of art also! You book mark is so pretty! I will have to follow your link and see if I can figure this out.!

  8. Beautiful pattern!
    Am bookmarking this for future gifts for my kids' teachers!
    Thanks for sharing the link.

  9. Very beautiful creations!!!I like your blog very much!!
    Kisses Sophie from Greece!!!!!

  10. Holaaaa!!! gracias por visitar mi blog y quedarte ,el tuyo me gusto muchisimo tienes trabajor preciosos, me hice seguidora para no perderme nada ;besssss desde Canarias!!!