Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crochet Thread Flower, Photo Tutorial

One of the readers asked me for help with Brunfelsia Inspired Crochet Flowers, and I promised her to make a photo tutorial.

Size 10 crochet cotton thread, size 10 hook.

We begin by making ch 5 and joining it with a sl st into a ring.

Next we work the first round. Ch 2, *sc in ring, ch 1* 4 times, join with a sl st.

After this round we should have 5 ch-1 spaces. We will use these ch spaces to make five petals.

In the second round we make our petals. Here is how a petal is made: (ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, sl st) all in the same space.

Then we use a sl st to get into next ch-1 space, and again we make a petal: (ch 3, 2dc, ch 3, sl st) all in that ch-1 space.

In the same manner, we make all five petals, and a sl st to join with the first petal.

In the third round, we make the petals a bit bigger.

ch 4

Next we make a sc in top of the petal; that would be the space between 2 dc.

Again ch 4

And now we make a sl st into space between two petals.

The picture below shows how I worked two petals.

And in the same manner, we work all five petals.

That’s it! Fasten off!


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  1. How sweet of you Olga!
    The flower is so darling.

  2. Beautiful flower! It is lovely in red! Thanks for sharing! xx

  3. Olga! I saw this at TTT, and wondered why I didn't see it in my reader, you have a new blog name? I am following you now. xo

  4. Hello Olga, Thank You Thanks You Thank You for this fantastic tutorial. It is soooooooooooo greatly appreciated. What a very lovely flower and your tutorial is so wonderful and detail so anyone can understand it. I plan to create on today. Hugs Judy

  5. Dank je wel, ga ik zeker gebruik van maken1

  6. Cute and pretty little flower! Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. thank you, it's an adorable little red flower can't wait to try it ... with love Janice

  8. Hello Olga, I just discovered your Blog, and wow you make beautiful things !!
    Thank You for this fantastic tutorial, the flower is sooo sweet :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  9. Thank you for the tutorial! I've wanted a different pattern, and I love this one!

    Laura from