Monday, October 28, 2013

The Holidays Are Coming

The beginning of the Holiday Season is only one month away. Many crocheters have started working on Christmas crochet projects and handmade gifts.

As for me, I haven’t. Somehow I don’t have any ideas yet. But I hope insprition  will visit me when more Christmas decorations appear on the streets of my city and in the stores. 

For now I want to reshare a few Christmas projects that I made in the past two years (see links to each post under the photos). 

And what about you? Are you crocheting any Christmas decorations yet?

crocheted angel

crochet snowflakes


  1. I haven't started anything for Christmas yet either, I am too busy doing baby sweaters! I love these decorations and I am so tempted to have a go. Unfortunately there's nothing in my stash yet as I am so new to yarn ... could I justify buying whole skeins to make these delightful ornaments lol?

  2. Such beautiful Christmas decorations Olga!
    I have not started any either but should soon. I love to crochet snowflakes and give them as gifts. Everyone loves them :)
    Happy Day,

  3. I haven't started yet either, I am too busy with other things, I love your angel, I made some similar a couple of years ago, :)

  4. I haven't decided on anything yet, maybe I will skip this year.

  5. I haven't crocheted any ornaments yet. Still waiting for inspiration like you. Love that red doily you made.

  6. Ольга, красивые рождественские украшения! Я уже начала вышивать ангелочка в технике хардангер. Делаю такую работу первый раз и не знаю как получиться:).

  7. There are all lovely...
    I haven't crocheting nothing for Christmas yet...

  8. I'm not currently doing any crochet for Christmas. In September I did crochet some ornament covers for the Craft Fair, I sold only 2. The rest will go on my tree. Your crochet angel is lovely, as are the snowflakes, I have a few I've made I put on my tree, and they just finish it off so lovely. I'm sure you will find something to spur to Crochet, you do lovely work.

  9. I very glad to visit your blog!
    Your handmade is beautiful!
    Best regards!