Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vintage Lace Crochet Edging

The pattern for this edging is from Star Book 66, Crochet and Tatting Heirloom Edition by American Thread Company, 1949. The pattern’s name is Crochet Edging #6603.

I have no particular use in mind for the piece that I made. I just wanted to try this pattern to get the idea what this edging looks like and if I can then adapt it for some other projects. I like how it looks and even though it’s a bit tedious to make all those picots, I might use it later for a hankie edging.

I found this vintage patter difficult to follow. And when I inspected my finished piece, I realized I made a mistake in the last row (each loop must have three picots, but I only made two). I suppose this is what is called an “old school crochet pattern”. One has to be really careful when reading/following the instructions.

I post the pattern exactly as it appears in the original publication.

Ch for desired length, dc in 8th st from hook, *ch 2, skip 2 sts of ch, dc in next st, repeat from * across row, ch 5, turn.

2nd Row - *Dc in next dc, dc in next dc, ch 5, repeat from * across row ending with dc in 3rd st of ch, ch 7, turn.

3rd Row – Sc in next dc, *ch 7, sc in 1st dc of next 2 dc group, repeat from * across row, ch 1, turn.

4th Row – 3 sc, ch 4 (picot loop), 3 sc, ch 4, 3 sc over 1st loop, 3 sc, ch 4, 2 sc over next loop, ch 8, turn, skip 2 picot loops, sl st in center st between picots of 1st loop, ch 1, turn and work 3 sc, ch 4, 2 sc, ch 4, 2 sc, ch 4, 3 sc over loop just made, sl st in last sc of previous loop, 1 sc, ch 4, 3 sc over remainder of same loop, repeat from beginning across row, break thread.


  1. This is truly lovely, dear Olga. Enjoy your afternoon! Hugs and blessings to you!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! It's very pretty. I'm always looking for new edging ideas.

  3. Olga,

    What a lovely trim pattern! I have found it difficult to follow vintage patterns and seldom try them, but they can be so unique and beautiful!


  4. This is a very pretty trim. Would look nice on a pillow case or decorative pillow too. Have a great afternoon. Heather

  5. Thank you Olga. This is lovely. xx

  6. Hello Olga, this is really delicate and beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  7. I love crochet edging. This is a very pretty pattern. Thanks for posting.

  8. Very pretty edging! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Dainty and pretty, I like it very much Pat x