Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Doily Mix Table Runner

Recently I’ve seen several doily table runners on the Internet, and I was wondering if I could make one out of the doilies I have.

I pulled out all the white doilies I have and placed them on my dining table. Somehow I thought I had more white doilies, but it turned out I don’t even have a dozen.  

Anyway, I tried to arrange my white doilies in a runner shape. It looked not bad, but I think I will need more mini-doilies to fill in the spaces.

I took a picture and put the doilies back in my drawer. Perhaps some other time I’ll come back to the idea of a doily table runner.

P.S. I hope you like my new blog design. 


  1. Новый дизайн блога мне нравится. Дорожка из салфеток очень интересная и красивая. С уважением.

  2. Beautiful doilies! I too love the doily table runner idea.

  3. Neobična,interesantna ideja,prelepo je!!

  4. I love your new design!!! It shows your beauty in creations!!!
    Your idea abour the table runner is great!!! And it looks so rich on your furniture!!! I have another idea about the doilies and runners! You'll see more of that as soon as I go back to my country next winter! You see I've left there all my crochet things! Have a wonderful week Olga!!!

  5. Hi Olga,

    I saw something similar on Pinterest and it really looked fab. My mum has made so many doilies I think I will matched those to a table runner. It makes a difference. Is it possible to have translate on your blog, some of the comments are in a different language.

    1. I just added Google translate widget to my blog.

  6. I love that idea and I hope you make more so that we can see the final project. Hugs,

  7. Wow, Olga! That would be a nice table runner ! Your doilies look lovely:)
    I had earlier seen table runners with different motif shapes on Internet. I never thought of using my mini doilies; you gave me an idea:) but I am not sure and confident about the best way to join such things. Waiting to see your table runner....

  8. Marvellous as always! Your blog is such an inspiration, always! And I love the new look, the banner looks beautiful! :)

  9. BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!
    Doilies way to heaven...

  10. Your doilies look perfect just as they are, I don't think you need any fillers. And your new look is great. :-)