Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What a Pity!

I was cleaning my closet and came across this handmade summer top. I made it back in 2010 and only got to wear it a few times that summer (it looked lovely worn on a white cami with a white skirt and I also wore it with jeans). What a pity that I’ll never be able to wear it again! 

When I made it, it was already quite fitted. Then in a year, I had my second son, so I had grown one size up.

I don’t dare to unravel this top as I love every stitch of it (especially the lacy part). And I don’t want to donate it either (I guess I just can’t let it go). My cousin has a ten-year-old girl, and perhaps in a few years I can give it to her if she likes it. But for now my lovely lilac top just sits in the closet.
The pattern was from a Russian or Ukrainian crochet magazine that my mom bought me. The upper part is knitted and the bottom is crocheted.

Do you have any handmade items that you have no use of, but wouldn’t part with them?


  1. I have lots of things I can't wear but hold onto. I think you should change the opening, take out the laces and crochet a border that finished it off and then leave it open, it is sure to fit. I think it is far too beautiful to leave in your closet.

  2. Hi!!! Nice to meet you too!!! I'm glad with your visist!!!

    Always will!!!

    hugs and kisses!

  3. Hi Olga, What a lovely top! I love the crochet work. I agree with Meredith, leave the front open and it might fit. Or else, who knows you might go back to the size you were... :) I have tons of stuff I have kept which no longer fits me and I don't see any hopes in the near future...LOL. Russian sites and magazines have the most divine patterns. Pity I can't understand them.

  4. Your top looks very lovely, especially, the lacy part :) I too have couple of jackets which I fit into but look horrible when I button them up..so waiting for my daughter to grow into that size. But, I am ok to give them away. The thing that I don't want to give is a tiny sweater (the only knitted one) for my daughter which she wore the day she was born:)

  5. Olga... I simply love your blog and enjoy being here. Your top is just too cute and I know how it feels to let go :)

  6. Ольга, красивая вещь и очень жаль, что она Вам не подходит. Я в основном распускаю вещи которые не ношу, чтобы связать что-то другое, но два свитера, связанные для сыновей, распускать не стала, так как они мне очень нравятся.

  7. Oh yes !!! Espacially what I made...
    Have a nice day !

  8. Oh this is beautiful! You create such lovely items :)

    Hugs to you!

  9. Would it be possible to block it with water and pins and let it dry before removing the pins, maybe to shape it again? Depending on the fiber, somethings will have a little stretch with a water block. It is gorgeous! :)

  10. Hai Olga, what a pretty and gorgeous summer top...yes its a pity.
    But there are so many good advices, and you are so creative, that I think ones you can wear this top again.

  11. Hello

    So beautiful, I love de colour.


  12. Thank you ladies for all the advice and suggestions. I think I'll try to adjust it and perhaps this summer top will get another chance to life.