Thursday, February 20, 2014

Please Pray with Me for Ukraine

Dear Friends,

This is not a happy crochet post; this is a cry of my soul.

If you follow the international news, you must know about the violent unrest in my native country Ukraine. The death toll now reached over 70 and there are hundreds of wounded.

Those are not just numbers, those are PEOPLE! They are someone's sons and daughters, fathers and brothers, and neighbors, and friends, who will never come back home. 

How could it all have happened?

Please pray with me for the bloodshed in Ukraine to stop.

This is a photo of Ukrainian countryside that I took on my visit several years ago. And this is how I always have perceived my native Ukraine – beautiful and peaceful. 


  1. How sad your heart must be for your beautiful Ukraine. And I too will pray.

  2. Yes, I am praying. I saw this on the news last night and it broke my heart.

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    1. Holding you and your beautiful country in my prayers.

  3. Hi Olga,

    Lifting Ukraine up in prayers!!

  4. Hi Olga, I am watching polish TV all day yesterday and today , it is very hard to understand how something like this could happen in XXI century. My thoughts and prayers are with all people of Ukraine. Peace!!!

  5. Also praying too Olga.

  6. My son travels in eastern Europe and has been posting updates on his FB page. I have been thinking of you. My heart goes out to you for the trouble in your beloved homeland. Sending prayers for peace.

  7. Hi Olga, I'm also praying for Ukraine people. Peace!!!
    From Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  8. I heard a little bit about it, Praying!

  9. I'm also praying for Ukraine. My godfather's wife comes from Ukraine and her family still lives there.

  10. There's no justification for all this violence...I hope that peace will back soon...for the Ukrainien people, my heart is with you !

  11. la verdad es que es una barbaridad lo que esta sucediendo en ucrania, ojala acabe tanta violencia!! un besito.maria:)

  12. All involved are in my prayers as well. I have loved ones in Ukraine, so this hits home for me hard.

  13. The troubles in our world hurt so many innocent people. Prayers for your country and its people. I ask God everyday to find an answer for world peace.

  14. You will have my prayers day and night!

  15. I am praying, it is such a horrible mess with people losing their lives. Sending hugs to you,

  16. Hi olga,my praying is with you . I follow the events from euro-news .It's so horrible to see innocent people to be killed & so many others be wounded .you have my prayers and hope everything back in normal as soon as possible .much hugs from IRAN.xoxo

  17. yes my dear, pray with you.
    my whole family is praying for the people ucranian.
    I posted on facebook, I popularized videos of what is happening in Ukraine.
    I'm from Romania, I went through these difficult moments when friends died in the Revolution of December 1989.
    God help Ukraine!
    God bless our nations, Romania and Ukraine!

  18. I'm so sorry for you and your country. My prayer are with the Ukraine.

  19. My prayer and thoughts are with the people of the Ukraine - we hold you in our hearts!

  20. Здравствуйте,Ольга! Только сегодня прочитала Ваш пост,но я знаю точно, что 23 февраля вся Русская Православная Церковь, на воскресной литургии молилась "о упокоении погибших братьев и сестер, об исцелении раненых и болящих, об умирении ожесточенных сердец, о прекращении раздора и смуты на Украине, о том, чтобы Господь ниспослал всем нам дух любви, мира, прощения и братолюбия во Христе!" Из обращения Патриарха Кирилла.
    С уважением!

  21. Such sad news and so much heartache - will pray for your special country.